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Which hair removal technique to choose?


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Aah… hair…

Some people love them… others, not at all!

So we struggle to find the most durable, least painful, the most economical…

You have to start by asking yourself the right question:

Do you know how much your hair removal costs you over the course of your life?

In terms of time and money. Read our article on this subject

You will see that the results and conclusions are quite edifying!


What is the most sustainable technique?


Let’s talk about results! A nice visual is often better than a long speech…

Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques most commonly used.


The razor

The advantages :

  • The tool that everyone has in their bathroom.
  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Painless since it only cuts the hair without pulling it out.

The disadvantages :

  • The razor remains the least durable technique since you have to start over every day (or 2-3 days) to stay shaved. You will undoubtedly lose a lot of time in the shower.
  • In terms of budget: in the long term, this technique is anything but economical, nor even ecological, considering the number of razors and shaving foams you will throw away throughout your life.


The depilatory cream

The advantages :

  • This method is painless. Its use is similar to that of the razor.

The disadvantages :

  • The depilatory cream is not very ecological nor durable since you will be quiet only during 3 to 5 days.



The advantages :

  • This method is more durable than the razor and depilatory cream.
  • Wax rips out the bulb, which leaves the skin fairly soft and clean.

The disadvantages :

  • Waxing remains an intrusive technique that is rather abrupt and violent.
  • The pain is relatively intense and more or less bearable in relation to the area being waxed.
  • The big disadvantage of waxing is certainly that you have to wait until you have sufficient regrowth for your next session. This often implies days or weeks when you don’t allow yourself to discover your legs, arms…
  • The budget is variable depending on whether you use it at home or every month at a beautician’s, but in both cases it is quite high.


The electric depilator

The advantages :

  • Like waxing, the epilator removes hair at the root. This will give you some respite before you have to start again.
  • It is easy to use if you have one at home.

The disadvantages :

  • This object looks more like a torture device… It pulls out the hairs one by one…
  • It is long and laborious… it is painful! It is certainly not your favorite device!


The pulsed light

The advantages :

  • Intense pulsed light is a hair removal technique that will leave you alone for a few months, that’s something!

The disadvantages :

  • The lamps used for pulsed light hair removal deliver a fairly weak light that weakens the hair follicle. It therefore offers an ephemeral and transitory result, but not a permanent one.
  • The light beam emitted by the Intense Pulsed Light is not very selective and can cause burns.
  • The price of a pulsed light session is high. As the result is short-lived, this technique is expensive and is therefore much less profitable than laser.


The laser

The advantages :

  • Often confused with the pulsed light mentioned above, laser hair removal is currently the only permanent solution. It destroys the hair bulb at the root, thus preventing it from growing back.
  • The laser beam being ultra-selective, it leaves the surrounding tissue intact.
  • The big advantage of the laser is that it can be used on all areas of the body (except the area between the eyebrows).
  • Contrary to popular belief, this technique is economical since after a certain number of sessions (this number varies from one person to another because it depends on the physiology and expectations of each person), the hair will have disappeared.

The disadvantages :

  • The sensation felt is similar to small blows of elastic on the skin. The laser can therefore be slightly painful on certain more sensitive areas. Some people are more comfortable with this discomfort than others.

Want to know more about how permanent laser hair removal works?  Read our article on the different types of laser and how they work.


Why choose Epilia?


Epilia has chosen the Alexandrite laser from Candela, the world leader in the field of dermatological and aesthetic lasers.

To remedy the discomfort caused during laser sessions, Epilia uses a device that cools the skin of the treated area and has an anesthetic effect.

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