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How does the Alexandrite laser work?


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The word ‘laser’ is often used without really knowing its definition.

Did you know that there are, in fact, many kinds of lasers and each laser is suitable for a different type of treatment? For example, a laser used for permanent hair removal is completely different from a laser used for the removal of varicose veins or tattoos.

Hair removal techniques

First of all, let’s try to understand the different hair removal techniques that are available.

Read this article to understand all of the advantages and disadvantages of each hair removal technique. You’ll soon discover the benefits that laser hair removal can bring to your daily life!

The lasers

Next, let’s look at the different techniques and how the laser works.

Caution and information

Before starting your laser treatment, you need to find out more about the specific laser that will be used. There are many different lasers and not all of them are the same. Some are not suitable for certain hair and/or skin colours. Others do not produce lasting results or can even be dangerous to your health.

The key words are … caution and information!

And how about Epilia?

At Epilia, we use Alexandrite laser machines from Candela.

Candela is the world leader in the field of aesthetic lasers. We therefore consciously opted for a state-of-the-art technology that is efficient and, above all, safe for health.

The laser we use is a class 4 laser. It is professional equipment for controlled use, whose application is limited to a strict framework. You will therefore only find it in approved institutes, such as the Epilia centres.

All of our laser practitioners are experts in the field. We have been implementing laser hair removal exclusively for almost 10 years.

How does the Alexandrite laser work?

This laser is particularly powerful and very selective. Its light beam captures and absorbs melanin, which is hair pigment. It transforms into heat and destroys the hair bulb at the source.

This light beam is extremely precise; it does not go beyond the dermal layer and therefore does not damage either the skin or the surrounding tissue. Its wavelength is non-carcinogenic, which allows treatment to be carried out under maximum safety conditions.

Below you will find an explanatory mini video about how the laser works.

At Epilia, we combine the Alexandrite laser with a cooling system that provides an anaesthetic effect on the treated area, giving you maximum comfort during your treatment sessions.

What do you need to know?

The Alexandrite laser is recommended for:

  • women AND men who wish for more comfort each day
  • safe hair removal from the face AND body
  • treatment of ingrown hairs
  • a soft and clear skin
  • light to intermediate skin phototypes.

However, the Alexandrite laser is not recommended for:

  • dark skin
  • peach fuzz or down, white and red hair
  • very young people; it is preferable to start treatment after a certain hormonal changes have taken place (otherwise we speak more of a comfort treatment).

 At Epilia, we never push a treatment. This is why the first consultation is always free of charge, so that we can explain to all of our patients what they need to know before starting a treatment protocol and check that the proposed treatment is compatible with their skin and hair type.

Make an appointment for your initial consultation in one of our many centres in Belgium.


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