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My resolution for 2021? Switch to permanent laser hair removal before the summer


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Investing in everyday comfort

Make your life easier and stop thinking about the seemingly never-ending chore of hair removal … Let 2021 be the year that you switch to permanent laser hair removal before the summer.

The consecutive lockdowns have brought their share of troubles and worries. There’s no need to add any more to that.

Are you fed up with unwanted hair and the not-so-smooth experiences of removing it?

Are you fed up with the daily chore of shaving or waxing, with wax ending up everywhere except for the places you want it to be?

Are you fed up with ingrown hairs and the scars they leave on your skin?


Life is about much more than locking yourself in the bathroom …

The solution?

Permanent laser hair removal. This is the only technique, to date, that is capable of permanently removing your unwanted hair.


Why should you consider permanent laser hair removal?


When can you start a treatment?

The sworn enemy of a laser is the sun and therefore tanned skin.

The best time to start a laser treatment is therefore autumn or winter, when your skin is completely free of tanning.

So don’t hesitate any longer … Follow the example of all of Epilia’s happy patients!

Think about permanent laser hair removal … And then, don’t think about it anymore!



We have made a list of the most important recommendations that are useful for you to know before starting a laser treatment. Consult our tips here.

Do you have any further questions? You will find many answers on our website.


How much does it cost?

Discover the full price list per area and our package deals here.




Book your appointment via our website or by phone on +32 3 830 66 80.

It’s quick and easy!


Epilia, for a carefree hair-free life!


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