We have put in place a series of measures to prioritize the preservation of your health and that of our laser assistants.


Please follow carefully the following steps when you come to Epilia:

– Come alone to your appointment.
– Wait outside if someone is already in the waiting room (maximum 1 person will be accepted in the waiting room).
– Enter the waiting room with your own mask. A surgical mask will be provided to you by your assistant in the treatment room.
– Stay home if you have any suspicious symptoms and notify the secretary office immediately.
– Payment by credit card is highly recommended, please take this into account.



As a reminder:

– No exposure to the sun or sunbeds during the treatment. If the area to be treated has a tan, the treatment cannot be carried out, as the risk of burns in this case is high.

– The area to be treated must not have been depilated (wax, electric depilator, tweezers, depilatory cream) in the 4 weeks preceding the session (2 weeks for the face).

– Shaving is not recommended between sessions. The hairs present on the area to be treated must be a maximum of 1 mm long for the session. Shaving should be done according to the treatment (no shaving on women’s face).



For our part, we implement all the necessary hygienic measures in our centers:

– Hydro-alcoholic gel will be at your disposal.
– The equipment will be disinfected between each patient in the treatment rooms.
– the assistant will also wear a standard mask (each one protects the other).



We would like to inform you that the online reservation is possible again.

We invite you to visit www.epilia.be or click on the link below to reschedule your session as soon as possible.



Your entire Epilia team remains mobilized more than ever.


We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Team Epilia