All Epilia centres are temporarily closed in Belgium.


During this period, we will unfortunately not be able to receive you.

You will therefore receive an e-mail confirming the cancellation of your appointment.


Not knowing how the situation will evolve, we have currently suspended the booking of appointments (online and by phone) until further notice.


What should I do while awaiting my next appointment?

We advise you to shave as little as possible (ideally no shaving at all). If it is really necessary, it is best to use a body trimmer to only shorten the hairs (or waxing).

For the face, we allow waxing.

Please note that you will have to wait at least 4 weeks between your waxing session and your next session at Epilia (2 weeks for the face).

Be reassured… The hairs destroyed at the bulb will not come back. And you will start seeing results as soon as the treatment protocol is reinstated.


We will adapt the laser protocol as effectively as possible at your next session to minimize the impact of this delay. Your assistant will be there to judge the evolution and to answer all your questions at your next session.


When can I (re)schedule an appointment? 

Our website and Facebook page will be regularly updated to keep you informed of the decisions taken in the following weeks.

So you can take action to make a new appointment as soon as the agenda’s will be reopened. 


Thank you for your understanding.

We hope to see you again as soon as possible in your Epilia centre.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, see you soon.

The Epilia Team