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Does the sun and laser work well together?


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No! Tanned skin is the enemy of the laser.

At Epilia, we ask you to always come with your skin totally free of tanning (minimum 5 weeks without sun or UV sessions).


Because the target of the laser is the pigment. If the melanin in the skin has been activated, the risk of skin burns is very high.

During the first informative consultation (free of charge) at Epilia, your laser assistant will remind you that if the area to be treated has a tan, the treatment cannot be carried out.

If you are already undergoing treatment at Epilia, you can however continue your sessions after the summer. Don’t panic, the hairs destroyed at the bulb won’t come back. And you will start seeing results again as soon as you resume the treatment.

Have you recently been exposed to the sun and have an appointment scheduled with Epilia in the coming weeks? Remember now to postpone it by contacting the secretariat at 03/830 66 80.

The good news is that the underarms and bikini area are rarely exposed. They can therefore be treated without any problem, even during the summer.